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西安秦都ホテル (Dynasty Hotel Xi'an), ホテルは城壁のそばにあります。シルクロードの起点、城河の浜、玉祥門広場の南東側、西五台に隣接しています。広仁寺、大清真寺、鉄塔寺、地下鉄1号線玉祥門駅C口、玉祥門バス停、複数のタクシー停があります。
  • Xi'an Xianyang International Airportからホテルまでの距離はどのくらいですか?

    西安秦都ホテル 空港へ24.2km。

  • 西安秦都ホテルに空港シャトルバスのサービスはありますか?


  • 西安秦都ホテルのチェックイン時間とチェックアウト時間はいつですか?

    チェックイン時間:8:00以降, チェックアウト時間:12:00-14:00。

  • 西安秦都ホテルにプールとフィットネスはありますか?


  • 西安秦都ホテル の敷地内にレストランはありますか?


  • 西安秦都ホテルにはブロードバンドまたはWifiがありますか?


  • 西安秦都ホテルは前払いを受け入れますか?


  • 西安秦都ホテルはレジットカードでの決済を受け付けています?


  • 西安秦都ホテル朝食はいくらですか?

    朝食 CNY38/人。

  • 西安秦都ホテルの宿泊料金はいくらですか?


クチコミ 詳細
  • lpma1016
    Which is very nice.
  • amablegod
    In the wall, can feel the breath of Tang!
  • jessica-jj
    The bed is a little small, the whole is average
  • E00534090
    Really do not how. bathroom lights only one ... a bit darker.
  • abowpi
    The sound of ventilator and air conditioner is loud, others are more suitable according to cost performance
  • jijiwang1986
    High cost performance, friendly service, because I was not familiar with Xi'an for the first time, I asked a boy at the front desk for a tourist attraction. He patiently introduced Huimin street, bell tower, big wild goose pagoda to me, and gave me a map. He patiently told me the route, the little brother was handsome, praised the hotel, praised the patient little brother!!!
  • wangyapeng123
    More convenient transportation, behind walls. facility is slightly long, the others are also good
  • c37786870
    Surrounded by Nice, the service is also very good, facilities have some old health can also
  • Ms. big eyes
    A good one-time stay, good location and environment, high cost performance!
  • luiiy
    Good location, hotel is very characteristic, service very good, very satisfied with our stay.
  • mjamail
    The hotel used to be very high-end, but now the facilities are a little old
  • fatmomo
    Good environment, convenient to travel
  • Andsonn
    Hotel facilities are too poor, breakfast is even worse
  • catsonic
    The room is spacious and the balcony is a little old, but it's clean and comfortable
  • e01173816
    The parking lot is quite large, and the conditions are OK. I just want to sleep in. Please don't disturb the sign on the outside of the door. The waiter will open the door by himself and clean it. I don't want to be scared. Remember to hang the door chain
  • cssam
    The location is superior. It's convenient to connect and travel around. The cost-effective hotel is very high. It's a good hotel with the same price. It's very suitable for friends to travel.
  • e00011462
    Facility suck, too old for good
  • eggplantstuart
    That's good
  • guoguopp
    It's good. There's a bathtub
  • justin-deng
    To a big bed, good good, is feeling a bit of the renovated. others are good!
  • belleyanglin
    Old brand hotel, but the facilities are too old!
  • solarwind
    The room is very comfortable and spacious. Very big. The front desk is very friendly, the attitude is very good, and the check-in speed is very fast. There is a special parking lot. It's convenient to go late. There may be no parking space
  • gaojinyao
    The hotel environment is good, the service is good, the traffic is convenient, the parking is convenient, the room is suitable for living, the quiet bed is also very comfortable
  • petyfu
    The hotel is located in the southeast corner of the intersection of yuxiangmen. Is the early airport bus stop is a leisure resort hotel, very comfortable to stay. It should be built according to the old 3-star standard. The hotel has a parking lot on the ground, which is very convenient, the front desk is very friendly, and the service attitude is good. Give the thumbs-up
  • yuri1979
    Hotels in poor health, services, equipment will not work, only good point is the environment!
  • longguo_liu
    It's OK
  • general1980
    There is breakfast, but because we got up early, we didn't have breakfast. The location is good, convenient and the environment is OK. On the whole, the price is very good!
  • gavin86
    Facilities for the old door will not open, the bath water is not. Furthermore, poor sound insulation of rooms. be fooled by pictures, decisively beat the night living. However, the statues of Emperor Qin Shihuang in the lobby is very good.
  • snow5550
    Good location, just outside Yuxiang, very close to Huimin street. There is a bus station at the door, and there is a subway opposite. It's very convenient to travel. The room space is larger than that of the same price fast hotel, and it also has a balcony, which can be said to be of good quality and low price
  • nilingyao0115
    The location of the hotel is very good. You can see the ancient city wall of Xi'an in the window of the hotel. The parking lot in front of the door is large and convenient. In front of the gate is the main road of traffic, with all directions of traffic.
  • cjl19881108
    Fortunately, it is affordable and suitable for living.
  • bajianbin
    I like the old hotel very much
  • allanj
    No breakfast, no extra bed, the good thing is that you can park for free. It's just that it's a bit old. It's been decorated for many years. Do you feel some humidity on the second floor?
  • cityangel
    The hotel is located in a good location, convenient to travel, close to the subway station and bus station. Parking is free. The facilities are quite old. The carpet in the room is very old. There is a small refrigerator in the room, but it's broken and can't be used.
  • ae_ao
    Hotel too old, management is not so good, some waste of resources
  • neputune
    Breakfast was average, the environment was pretty good
  • ntdior
    Good location, good environment, convenient transportation, high cost performance
  • Julia_0305
    Good breakfast, suitable for children, good hotel management, good service attitude, good surrounding environment, clean hotel environment, it's recommended to book, I think it's very good
    The hotel facilities are too old, and there are rooms on the first floor.
  • m00006688
    Provisional booking by phone of the day, traffic is convenient, the surrounding environment is good, you can walk, hotels also have restaurants, but the taste is so-so. buffet with others to eat, prices ranged ... is not expensive.
  • pippinfu
    Good sanitation, service is attentive, and scheduled
  • lala379478801
    The location is very good, but the facilities are a little old
  • carlbbr
    Hotel facilities old, clean, serious nuisance alarms near a bar night club useless. angry
  • e00367165
    Very good, friendly and considerate service, clean and tidy room, check-in many times, this time lived for nearly a month, cost-effective is very high! Later, I chose this hotel for business trip.
  • anjing77
    The location is superior, the surrounding traffic, travel and other things are very convenient, the hotel cost-effective is very high, the same price of this hotel is good, very suitable for friends travel.
  • addio
    It's very good. Every time I check in, I choose this hotel. It has good sanitation and clean service. The room is very quiet. I will come again.
  • connie404
    Room was spacious, cable TV, refrigerator, bathtub, hair dryer, Internet, free Wi-Fi. online orders every day and send 2 small bread +2 small bottles of mineral water.
  • e00191455
    Check in many times. The surrounding environment is good and the transportation is convenient. This price also includes breakfast. It's just a matter of conscience. The room is clean and tidy. The most important thing is that it's very quiet and the space is big enough. You can see the Ming city wall by pushing open the window. You'll feel happy and come again.
  • lanxing
    The service of the little sister at the front desk is very good, very warm! The location of the hotel is very good. There is also a free parking lot. Breakfast is also very rich. You can ask your little sister to open a room with a balcony for you. The night view is super beautiful
  • cft52455399
    It's close to the city wall, and you can see the city wall on the balcony of the room. Apart from this advantage, the rest are general. The hotel has a long history, old facilities and poor breakfast.